About Us 

CJSC Merletto Confectionery is located in the village of Kosyrevka, Lipetsk region. This is an environmentally pristine region only ten minutes’ drive from Lipetsk along main-line highway Yelets-Lipetsk. The total area of the territory occupied by CJSC Merletto Confectionery is 2,600 m2. The industrial complex is equipped with modern high-end equipment supplied by German companies Sollich and Mohrbach and Swiss company Sapal. Merletto Confectionery production potential allows for capacities up to 50 tons of chocolate sweets and bars per twenty-four hours. Also our company has storage facilities and provides delivery services for customers. Merletto Confectionery takes into account not only technical aspects of production – all our employees are highly experienced professionals.

Our products first appeared in Russian confectionery market in February 2009. Merletto Confectionery is an upswing company with the aim of providing our customers with high-quality, 100 percent natural premium chocolate sweets and bars which have excellent taste. The cost of our products is moderate so that everyone can buy them. Merletto Confectionery is known for employing innovative technologies and exclusive recipes for the production of natural, premium chocolate sweets and bars.

Our development strategy is aimed at perfecting original technologies, appealing design, and constant updating of our products. Merletto Confectionery manufactures premium chocolate sweets under trademarks «Amadis», «Merletto», «Angel sweets», and chocolate bars «Merletto». We try to meet our customers' requirements, that's why in the summer of 2009 we started production of sweets in patterned bags – these have the same excellent quality plus economy package.

The main ingredient of our confectionery goods is high quality milk and dark chocolate. The combination of natural chocolate with original fillings which include dried and candied fruits, marzipan, coconut flakes, almonds, and crispy rice is so exquisite that it will be a pleasant surprise for even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Merletto product line includes more than 20 original names of sweets and 4 kinds of chocolate bars. These tasty products are the result of creativity, talent and mastery of the people who are involved in the creation of recipes.


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